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A Butterfly Allotment


by David McPhie ..


The ‘trigger’ that reminded me of my ‘gardening days’,  the only time in my life that I have, successfully, embarked upon and ‘seen through’ a practical project of any kind ( as in , working with one’s hands to mend, build or fashion any kind of repair )  was a recent Monty Don gardening programme, where he was tending his vegetable patch. It was in the early years of moving to Riber Terrace, I was possibly seven or eight years old and prior to starting my ‘further afield adventuring’.

We had a concrete yard and outside toilet to the front, facing Minimum Terrace, but at the back was a slightly larger space, possibly about 40 feet by 20 feet, leading to the line of tall poplar trees that separated Riber Terrace from Boythorpe Avenue, and thence to the William Rhodes School and grounds beyond. Planting this patch of ground to my own design became my ‘project’, fired primarily by an early enthusiasm and fascination for butterflies and their caterpillar ‘offspring’, and it was here that I produced my own version of the currently very fashionable ‘Butterfly Garden’; funded in no small part by the sale of muli-coloured mice ( more of elsewhere ) to Morris’s pet shop in the Shambles, the proceeds of which would be immediately invested in packets of seeds and spring bulbs.… Continue Reading →