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Trains and a cat called Tessa


60s Memories of the Swanwick Colliery Branch

by Ian Castledine


My earliest memories are about two things, a cat and a train, strange I still love both.

Ian Castledine

The cat Tessa I am told, I should simply not be able to remember but you know what, I do! Yeah yeah mother, I know I was only three nearly four when she died but I do remember her! I remember her soft, smooth fur under my little fingers and how warm she was when I grabbed her, oh and not to forget how loud mum shouted when I did. I also remember that Tessa seemed huge to me, kind of like me meeting a small Tiger today, wow!

I remember being annoyed with Tessa that I couldn’t find her one day, she just disappeared. Now mums are very good at this, apparently Tessa just went away for a while, on a holiday!… Continue Reading →

The Bestwicks of Brampton


This story has been contributed by Alec ‘Jock’ Turner, from his numerous copies of ‘The Link’ (the Robinsons ‘in house’ magazine’) and he will soon be bringing us more of his memories and recollections of Brampton’s past history, He also has a ‘fund’ of stories and information drawn from the memories of his parents and grandparents; plus his recollections of working as Senior Graphics Designer at Robinsons from where he retired after 22 years. He was also editor of the ‘in house’ magazine for a number of years.

81 year old Jock was born in the ‘Chain Bar’ property on the corner of Chatsworth Road and School Board Lane (pictured below) in 1933, and lived there with his large family up to the latter part of the Second World War.

Jock made contact with me as a result of seeing the extract from my Joe Cocker article in Chesterfield’s ‘Twist’ publication (taken from the full length feature in Sheffield’s ‘My Kind Of Town’ quarterly magazine), after noting my mention of the ‘flat’ over the shop on the right hand side of this building ( on the corner of Chatsworth Road and School Board Lane) as the site of the production of the Joe Cocker demo recording that I took to London to secure his recording contract; and where we lived for a few years during the late 1960s.Continue Reading →

Chesterfield Walking Festival 2015 – Chesterfield had Three Railway Stations

Maps for Download

I initially produced these plans for my own reference  , purely to ‘anchor’ reference points in my own exploring  . They proved handy in the two walks conducted by the Intrepids as part of the walking festival , so they’re here now for download as promised .

They are as accurate as I can make them , and have been checked with both GPS and alternate maps as much as possible – but different map datums , scales and GPS error still apply ! So think of them as indicators rather than perfection .

To download the maps on a computer right-click the image with the mouse and select ‘Save image as…..’ from the drop-down menu . On a tablet or phone a long press will be needed .

Ian Thomason


Copyright 2015 Ian Thomason All Rights ReservedContinue Reading →