About this site

We have set up this magazine format ‘platform’ for (short article to book length) local based stories, covering Chesterfield and the surrounding area.

It is designed to feature memories (childhood or otherwise) or your own stories or experiences of, or participation in, pastimes such as music, sport, railways, architecture, industrial archaeology, field archaeology etc, or your  work experiences, possibly in some of the area’s long defunct industrial companies such as Robinsons, Markhams, Donkins or Tube Works.

It need not preclude the mention of the names of friends or acquaintances , but should perhaps contain a certain emphasis on a good deal of interesting detail of the subject matter concerned and the local context and topography in which it is set.

We will be exercising some editorial control, but please don’t let this deter you from submitting items for consideration – and we are confident that there are many of you out there with interesting local stories to tell.

P.s. .. We wish to say that we do not see ourselves as competition for the excellent ‘Old Chesterfield Pics’ site , but rather us both being complementary to each other, and between us fulfilling the needs of the town for both a ‘picture and brief comment site’ and a ‘longer (more comprehensive) story site’  so that the valuable social history of the town is preserved for posterity via the mediums of ..

a) .. photographs, b) .. short, interactive comments between participants, and  c) .. longer stories of events, activities and reminiscences as told by members of the population both past and present ..