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In Front of the Silver Screen

A Personal History of Cinemas in the Chesterfield Area

By Kenneth Bishton

cinema projectors

The text relating specifically to the early history of Chesterfield’s cinemas is largely the work and research of its original author, Brian Hornsey, though it has been extensively re-written and updated where relevant accurate new information has become available. I am indebted to Mr Hornsey, and, by extension, to his sources: Derbyshire County Council Library Service, Mr G. Lennox, Mr. R. Rippingale, Mr L. Greaves, Mr G. Sadler, staff at Chesterfield Library and Local Studies, writers at The Derbyshire Times, W. Beach and staff at THE REGAL and ODEON Cinemas, for providing the groundwork for this section. Full credit must go to Mr Hornsey and his booklet Ninety Years of Cinemas in Chesterfield for opening the door, thus allowing me to follow in his shadow.
“This personal study was first presented to the Local Studies department of Chesterfield Library two years ago.Continue Reading →

Chesterfield Walking Festival 2015 – Chesterfield had Three Railway Stations

Maps for Download

I initially produced these plans for my own reference  , purely to ‘anchor’ reference points in my own exploring  . They proved handy in the two walks conducted by the Intrepids as part of the walking festival , so they’re here now for download as promised .

They are as accurate as I can make them , and have been checked with both GPS and alternate maps as much as possible – but different map datums , scales and GPS error still apply ! So think of them as indicators rather than perfection .

To download the maps on a computer right-click the image with the mouse and select ‘Save image as…..’ from the drop-down menu . On a tablet or phone a long press will be needed .

Ian Thomason


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Stalled at the Crossroads ..

Ian Lee’s account of his childhood ‘apprenticeship’ in music, in 1950s Tibshelf, and his journey through the 1960s as a member of Chesterfield band, The Blueberries ..
This post developed a ‘bug’ and it has been a struggle to finally re-post it, but the photographs and pics of Ian’s paintings have not yet been added, but should be restored within good time (DMcP) ..

Preface ..
I am indebted to the friend of a friend for directions that would eventually lead to the crossroads. We were round his house one evening when he pressed on me a slim volume with a yellow and green dust jacket. It was called The Country Blues by Samuel B. Charters and was published here in England in 1961.


Little did I appreciate the influence that this book already had and would have. I was familiar with many names and sounds of musicians who had migrated from the South to Chicago and had been recorded by the Chess Brothers in the 1950’s.… Continue Reading →

“Tallbird Records” .. the Maria Harris interview

‘Tallbird Records’ Interview with Maria Harris ..

I only discovered that Chesterfield had a brand new record shop late last year, having heard not too long before of the demise of the long established Hudsons operation, where I had worked in the early 1960s as record buyer on the stall in the middle of the covered Market Hall. That was before opening my own “Some Kinda Mushroom” on Newbold Road, selling both new and second-hand vinyl, and specialising in the newly emerging ‘Progressive Rock”, Blues, Folk and Jazz.

I don’t think that my particular ‘market’ affected the ‘mainstream’ clientele that Hudsons had a monopoly on, and we co-existed side by side for many years in what was probably the ‘high water mark’ for record sales, followed by a rise in popularity for the new CD format, and just as quickly, a decline over the next three decades.
So, it’s now very pleasing to see a thriving record shop in town again, with its finger firmly on the button of the prevailing zeitgeist, and concentrating on good old vinyl too.… Continue Reading →

Sounds In The Shadow of The Crooked Spire – Corrections !

Sounds Shadow Crooked Spire Errata


Much as I am pleased to have finally got the book onto the shelves, and receive many positive responses, there inevitably comes a time when errors come to the fore, mistakes having arisen from a number of issues.

The most embarrassing of these concern two Lance Storm and the Tempests photographs ……….

David McPhie


1 .. on page 196, the photograph of Dave Saunders and Tom Redfern; it isn’t Tom Redfern, it’s John Rodgers.

2 .. page 214, the Tempests group photo; left on back row isn’t John Rodgers, it’s Tom Redfern; on right at front isn’t Tom Redfern, it’s John Rodgers. Hopefully this doesn’t instigate an identity crisis between the two of them!

3 .. page 197, The Warriors should read Warrior, and they are not the same group as the one mentioned by Eileen Marriott on page 59 and by Veronica Sanderson Element on page 60, featuring groups appearing at the Top Rank ‘Vic’ ..… Continue Reading →