Sounds In The Shadow of The Crooked Spire – Corrections !

Sounds Shadow Crooked Spire Errata


Much as I am pleased to have finally got the book onto the shelves, and receive many positive responses, there inevitably comes a time when errors come to the fore, mistakes having arisen from a number of issues.

The most embarrassing of these concern two Lance Storm and the Tempests photographs ……….

David McPhie


1 .. on page 196, the photograph of Dave Saunders and Tom Redfern; it isn’t Tom Redfern, it’s John Rodgers.

2 .. page 214, the Tempests group photo; left on back row isn’t John Rodgers, it’s Tom Redfern; on right at front isn’t Tom Redfern, it’s John Rodgers. Hopefully this doesn’t instigate an identity crisis between the two of them!

3 .. page 197, The Warriors should read Warrior, and they are not the same group as the one mentioned by Eileen Marriott on page 59 and by Veronica Sanderson Element on page 60, featuring groups appearing at the Top Rank ‘Vic’ ..

4 .. page 48, (Dave Berry) “drummer Pete Thornton …. soon to be replaced by …. Kenny Slade”; should be the other way round, as Thornton replaced Slade.

5 .. page 219, my list of colleagues I worked with at Hudsons, should have included Phil Mullins, younger brother of Blueberries pianist Neil Mullins, who took many of the group’s photographs included in the book.

6 .. page 240, second line down, “nearly FIFTY DECADES on” should of course read “nearly FIVE decades on” .. Geraldine is of course not 500 years old!

For convenience the corrections can be downloaded as a PDF here