‘Interviews : An Appeal’  ..  .. see my latest posting on the Stories listing ..


If you attend a music gig .. rock, jazz, blues, folk, country, rock’n’ roll, pop or classical; then please send us a review of the performance .. good, bad or indifferent ! Or a comedy performance or a theatre play ..


We have a small ‘queue’ of stories to post, which will take some time, but we are still open to suggestions / submissions  of all kinds. However,  at this moment in time we are short on items such as Local History .. Employment stories from the area’s past industrial ‘giants'(Robinsons, Tube Works,  Donkins, Markhams, Plowrights, etc.) .. Archaeology .. Industrial Archaeology .. aspects of Local Architecture, Sport, Natural History, and how about memories of such as the Miners’ Strike?


Ask your friends if they know anyone who has memories of working at the local Stately Homes, on the Railways, the Buses, experience of setting up a business in the area, active in politics maybe?


If anyone is ambitious enough to attempt a project as big and as accomplished as Peter Maycock’s ‘Dog Kennels’ website (link at the bottom of the Home Page) then we would be very pleased to ‘host’ it, as there must still be areas of the town’s history awaiting a historian to champion its story ..


Information please about 60s Folk Singer Keith Swift ..

”                    ”            ”        Chesterfield Folk Club in the 1960s ..

”                    ”             ”        Geoff Mitchell’s “Bete Noir” Club ..

”                    ”             ”         The Carlton Club ..


Much of the site thus far is music related, but this will change over time .. however, it would be good to hear from all the other Chesterfield-based bands/groups and solo artists that I wasn’t involved with in a management capacity (DMcP), and then we can build up a fairly comprehensive roster of the musical talent that has graced the town and area over the years .. and this should also include the dance bands, jazz, club and skiffle bands from the era prior to the 1960s rock era ..

A few names to consider as follows :-

ROCK :-  The Thompson Twins (this may be ‘in the pipeline’), Steve white and the Zeros, Blueberries, The Ozzies, Worm, Thrush, The Daizies, Crackin’ Right Foot, Splinter,

Johnny (Preece ?) and the Tempests (in retrospect this is probably not their name after all, but if anyone can help, the line-up was definitely  .. .. Johnny Preece, vocals .. Barry Clarke, guitar .. Pete Windle, bass guitar .. Johnny Pearson, drums (he wasn’t Johnny Pearson the bandleader, who was also born in Chesterfield, and who wrote many theme tunes for films and TV) .. I am now reliably (I hope) told it was Lance Storm and the Tempests ..

DANCE BANDS :- Al Needham, Stan Cox, Jim Lofty,

JAZZ:- Al Remington, anyone remember any more ?

SKIFFLE :- ?? , there was a group who used to busk in town ..







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  1. I shall contact Andy Hardwick {the guitarist in the band} and tell him about your site – he could wirte up a piece perhaps. Lord Skaman were DT Band of the year at least once and possibly twice. There is a rumor that a second chapter could be written in town’s Ska culture, as a return to performance might be on…